KossuthKossuth Cemetery

Kossuth Cemetery is located in Yellow Spring Township, north of the community of Kossuth and east of Mediapolis, Iowa. 

For complete cemetery read and maps of the cemetery see Des Moines County Cemeteries:
KOSSUTH CEMETERY (external link) transcribed by Paul French

John McCollum
McCollum, John (1816-1893)Sarah McCollum
Unknown, Sarah (1810-1889)
John and Sarah McCollum are the grandparents of Sara A. (Shields) McKeown Lewis Lois McKeownMcKeown, Lewis E. (1916-1988) and
Pepmeyer, Lois (abt 1917-2012)Davis family
Davis familySamuel Lillie Davis
Davis, Samuel Oscar (1861-1940) and
Purcell, Lillie Mae (1865-1935)

headstoneMcKeown, John Love (1858-1944) and
Shields, Sarah A. (1858-1916) headstoneMcKeown, Chester Alan (1898-1952)
Wunnenberg, Minnie Clara (1898-1972) WWI
McKeown, Chester Alan (1898-1952)headstone
Thompson, R. Kenneth (1917-2003) and
McKeown, Evelyn Grace (1920-2014) Reva
Davis, Reva (1899-1981)