Roy Bruce McKeown

Born: 27 Aug 1883 in Yellow Springs Twp, Des Moines County, Iowa (see note 1)
Died: 7 July 1955 in Los Angeles, California (see note 2)
Buried: California

Father: James Alexander McKeown
Mother: Eva Laura Bandy


Anna Munson

Born: abt 1880 in Sweden
Died: 1962

Father: Peter A. Munson
Mother: Mary Carlson

F Child 1: Ellen F. McKeown
Born: 27 Jul 1908 in Louisa County, Iowa
Died: 29 Mar 1995 in Glendale, Arizona

M Child 2: Amos McKeown
Born: 5 Aug 1911 in Iowa
Died: 29 July 2000 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona
Census: 1940 in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa
Note: SSDI birth year information matches US census information.

M Child 3: Lewis E. McKeown
Born: 1 Oct 1916 in Burlington, Iowa
Died: 15 Feb 1988 in Iowa City, Iowa

Notes for: Roy Bruce McKeown

World Ward I draft registration card. date of birth: 27 August 1883. Height: medium, Build: medium. Color of hair: dark. Color of Eyes: dark

Notes for: Anna Munson

Anna's maiden name found in 1925 Iowa state census record.