John McCollum

Born: 28 Mar 1816 in Ireland
Died: 13 Jul 1893 in Iowa
Buried: in Kossuth Cemetery (see note 1)



Sarah Unknown

Born: 1 Aug 1810
Died: 28 Jun 1889 in Iowa
Buried: in Kossuth Cemetery (see note 2)


F Child 1: Margaret McCollum
Born: 4 Apr 1836
Died: 9 May 1903

M Child 2: William McCollum
Born: Abt 1847 in Ireland
Age calculated from 1870 census, Yellow Springs Township, Des Moines County, Iowa.

Notes for: John McCollum

From Yellow Spring and Huron: A local history. By J. W. Merrill. Published by author 1897. Book at Wisconsin Historical Society Library. page 266.

John McCollum, a native of Ireland came to this township about 1870, and bought a farm two miles southwest of Northfield. He lived there some time then sold out and lived elsewhere in the township. His wife died in 1889. He went to the home of his son William, and died there in 1895. Their children were Margaret, wife of Isaac Shields; Hugh lived here a short time, then moved to Kansas; William married Lydia Sinclair, lives in Kansas.