Moses Parker McKeown

Born: 1 Dec 1854 (see note 1)
Died: May 1950 in Letts, Iowa (see note 2)
Buried: in Sharon Cemetery

Father: John Glasgow McKeown
Mother: Annie Parker

Married: 12 January 1881 in Muscatine County, Iowa (see note 7)

Rhonda Emiline Lord

Born: March 1866 in Iowa (see note 8)
Died: 1932


M Child 1: Ady Royal McKeown
Born: 14 Oct 1883 in Muscatine County, Iowa
Died: Oct 1946

M Child 2: Albert Gey McKeown
Born: 8 April 1886 in Conesville, Muscatine, Iowa
Died: 19 December 1965 in Los Angeles, California

Note (7) Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, Muscatine, Iowa, 15 January 1931, page 4.
Many visit Mckeowns on Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. McKeown of Letts, Ia., who celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Monday, informed The Journal today of their appreciation to all the friends who came or sent their cards. Gratitude is expressed for the flowers, songs and prayers, the apples, and the good wishes of over 100 visitors.
Those who were kept away Monday by the weather are asked to come and visit when they can. Those who came from Letts are the following: Mr. and Mrs. Epperly and Dorothy Ruth; Henry Lamp; Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Uhr; Mrs. A. Thompson; Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas; Margaret McColm; William McColm; Mr. and Mrs. H. McCleary; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hendricks; Mrs. John Eliason; Lester Thomas and son and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Black; Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Williams; Clarence Sooter; Harold Sooter; the Rev. W. M. Sooter and wife; Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hunter; Clark Shellabarger; Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shellabarger; Mary Alice and Richard Shellabarger; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Manning; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Estle; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Holmes; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cecil and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brookheart.
Visitors from Muscatine were the following: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smalley; Mrs. Anis Smalley; A. C. Epperly; Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Atlekruse; Mr. and Mrs. Millard Riggs; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Altekruse and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wood; Mrs. Minerva Cochran; James Hartman; Mr. andMrs. E. E. Eichelberger; Mr. and Mrs. Milton Waltz.
Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Thomas of Washington, D.C.; Mr. and Mrs. James McKee, Mr and Mrs. John Curtin; J. S. Bowlby; F. Coffin, all of Conesville; Mr.a nd Mrs. Chester McKeown, Lucille and Evelyn, Mrs. E. Bruster, all of Mediapolis; Stanley McKeown of Wapello; Mr. and Mrs. Hensley, Morning Sun; C. T. Reddick, Parker, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Estel of Conesville; the Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Decker of Cranston; Richard Lord of Nichols. r
R egret cards were received from Mrs. Alice C. Templeton; Eugene and Emma Reed, Mediapolis; J. Shellabarger Turkington, Letts; Matilda Letts, Letts; Mr. and Mr.s Clifford Orris and children; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jones; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley George, Muscatine; Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Fowler and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smalley, Muscatine; Mrs. D. Legler, Muscatine, Howard and Ina Meeker, Cedar Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Ingraham, Astoria, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Corter, Muscatine; Carl and Alma Fladt, Mediapolis; Mr. and Mrs. George W.Bruck, Columbus Junction; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Emmick, Fairfield; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Conkling, Muscatine.

Note (8)
Birth date information from 1900 US census.