Ralph Marohn

Born: 31 Oct 1918 in Washington (see note 1)
Died: 10 May 1983 in Tacoma, Washington (see note 2)

Father: Roy Adolph Marohn
Mother: Alice McKeown

Notes for: Ralph Marohn

Burlington Hawk Eye | Burlington, Iowa | Friday, August 05, 1927 | Page 5. 
Youngster Saves Pennies To Buy Book of Lectures For His Mother. "Here's thirty-five pennies I saved, I want one of Dr. Osborne's book of lectures for a present for my mother." This came from a small boy whose head hardly reached to the top of The Hawk-Eye counter when he came in yesterday afternoon. Standing on tiptoes he emptied a small pocketbook and out poured 35 pennies.

The boy, himself, a pleasant-faced youngster, was a manly little fellow with an intelligent friendly appearance, the kind of a youngster a parent could be proud of. Naturally a boy who would have 35 pennies to buy a book for his mother could not go unnoticed. It developed that he is Ralph Marohn who lives with his mother, Mrs. Alice E. Marohn at 802 Emmett street. Little Ralph is just 9 years old. Although Just a boy he has been a wonderful help In his home, especially as his mother has been incapacitated much during the last year thru sickness. He has taken care of her as tenderly as would a trained nurse. He had the benefit of a wonderful mother, too, and he is learning to accept responsibility early. A long time ago he recognized that with money scarce, birthday presents for him would have to be earned, so he began saving his money to buy "Hobert's Bible Stories" as his own birthday-his birthday coming October 14.

Last Sunday Ralph heard his mother say she enjoyed the essays by Dr. Naboth Osborne that appear in The Hawk-Eye each Sunday, and she wished she could get the book of essays that has been printed. "Can't I take some of my pennies and get the book for you," asked Ralph. 'Td like to get it for you mother." "But you are saving your pennies for your own book for your birthday," the mother replied. "Yes, I know," the little fellow responded. "It will take me a little longer I expect to get my book, but I would like to get this for you If you will let me." Who could have resisted that offer which came direct from a boy's heart thru the love for his mother. Who wouldn't give everything In the world to have such a boy who would sacrifice his own birthday present to buy a book for his ailing mother.