Our extended family photo album comes from various relatives.
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And please help us identify the people in our unidentified photos from the The McKeown - Parker - Sheilds album.

Auntie Mac
Samantha Ann McKeown2324
Back of card. Samantha Ann McKeown to John Love McKeown and his wife Sarah and their daughter AvisJamesJames A. McKeownJames and Eva James A. and Eva (Bandy) McKeownfamily
James A., Eva (Bandy) McKeown
, and their three oldest children Roy, Alice, and Alma. RoyRalph McKeown RalphRoy McKeownMildred and Ralph
Mildred and Ralph McKeown on the left, Elsie (McKeown) Casten on the right with unknown man and boy.Elsie Ralph and AlmaAlma (McKeown) Fladt, Ralph McKeown and Elsie (McKeown) Casten

Alma and CarlCarl and Alma (McKeown) Fladt's 50th Anniversary party, 1962

Sarah ShieldsAnnie (Parker) McKeownbaby AvisAvis Veda McKeownAvis and StanleyAvis and her baby brother, William Stanley McKeown.baby ChesterChester Alan McKeown
Elsie Elsie Leah McKeown
Casten weddingConrad Casten and Elsie's weddingConrad CastenCondrad Casten