Kossuth Cemetery
Kossuth Cemetery is located in Yellow Spring Township, east of Mediapolis, Iowa. 

For complete cemetery read and maps of the cemetery see Des Moines County Cemeteries:
KOSSUTH CEMETERY (external link) transcribed by Paul French

Anderson, Roy Francis Cleatus (1894-1989) and Wunnenberg, Alice Dorthea (1896-1992)

headstone Anderson, Orville (1919-2004) son of Roy and Alice Anderson

headstone Anderson, Melvin (1925-1926), son of Roy and Alice Anderson

Burgus family Burgus, Arthur and Della

Joseph Burgus Joseph Burgus WWII
Burgus, Joseph Henry 1891-1984). We aren't sure how he fits in this genealogy.

Edmonds Edmonds, John Elmer (1901-1999) and Etta Marie Moehle (1902-1985)

McKeown Chester Minnie Chester WWII
McKeown, Chester Alan (1898-1952) and Wunnenberg, Minnie Clara (1898-1972)

Cecil Nyberg Nyberg, Cecil. We aren't sure how he fits in this genealogy.

Clara John Nyberg Nyberg, Clara and John (parents of Ray O. Nyberg)

Hilda Nyberg Nyberg, Hilda (Wunnenberg) (1910-1993)

Viola Nyberg Nyberg, I. Viola, We aren't sure how she fits in this genealogy.

Ray Nyberg Nyberg, Ray O. (1908-1961)

Horace Ella Ping Ping, Horace and Ella

Donald Reiter Reiter, Donald, son of Guy and Lillian (Wunnenberg) Reiter

Reiter Reiter, Guy and Lillian (Wunnenberg)

Schmidt Schmidt, Peter and Ida

Sperfslage Sperfslage, Henry and Alice. Alice is a sister of Wilma (Schuler) Wunnenberg

Thomes Thomes, Clarence (1901-1991) and Wunnenberg, Pearl Emma (1902-1955)

headstone Thompson, R. Kenneth (1917-2003) and McKeown, Evelyn Grace (1920-2014)

Arthur Eli Wunnenberg Wunnenberg, Arthur Eli (1931-2013)