Anna and Fred Wunnenberg's six oldest children, Vernon, Herbert, Alice, Minnie, Ralph and Pearl.


Fred Wunnenberg

Heinrich's sons

Fred and his brothers Hy, Ed and Ot

fred anna and family

Fifty-third birthday celebration of Fred Wunnenberg.

Fred and horse

Fred Wunnenberg

Fred & Anna

Anna and Fred with Anna's mother, Dorthea Reimann


Fred and Anna with unidentified fisherman and Vernon in white.

Dorothea Reimann

Dorthea Riemann

Fred in orchard

Fred Wunnenberg

Unidentified Photos


Alice Wunnenberg Anderson on the left. Herbert Wunnenberg in the back on the right. Photo taken at "The Home Place".

Fred in a garden

Fred Wunnenberg and unidentified man reading the paper.


Fred and Anna with their three youngest children (I think), Pearl, May, and Alfred.

Fred and Anna

Fred and Anna



Anne with ducks

Anne with ducks

Model T

Vernon, Fred and Anna.

with a dog

Fred and Anna with unidentified dog.


Anna and Fred's family at the "Home Place" with Minnie on the far left and Alice on the far right. October, 1936.


Vernon in the car he built.

Amelia and plane

Vernon's wife, Amelia Wunnenberg

Unidentified Photos


Four men with hats. Man in back row, right is William Frederick Bremer, Dorothea's brother, identified through Celia Crawford by Kenton Knight, William's grandson.  Other three men are unidentified.