Notes on The Family of Heinrich and Emelie (Rehfeldt) Wunnenberg, Des Moines County, Iowa

Heinrich August Joachim Wunnenberg
Born: 15 Feb 1821 in Calvorde, German
Died: 4 April 1900 in Des Moines County, Iowa
Buried: in Latty Church Cemetery, Des Moines County, Iowa

Henry & Emilie Wunnenberg share one gravestone, located on north side of Latty Church, located on west side of Irish Ridge Road, 6 miles north of Burlington, Iowa.

Celia Crawford has the Dutchy of Braunschweig  journeyman's book for journeyman miller Heinrich August Joachim Wunnenberg from Calvorde and has its translation to English.  He is described as follows: Name: Heinr. August Joachim Wunnenberg.  Born in, residing at: Calvorde.  Age: 23 years.  Height: 5 feet, 4 inches.  Hair: dark blond.  Forehead: covered.  Eyebrows: dark brown.  Eyes: gray.  Nose, mouth: usual.  Beard: dark brown.  Chin: round.  Face: oval.  Complexion: healthy.  Distinguishing characteristics: lacking.
It certifies that he has pursued the miller's trade for several years, partly as an apprentice and partly as a journeyman, and has behaved irreproachably during this time, also processes proven skill in his trade and, as far is known, leaves behind no debt.  It is dated 12 June 1844, signed and sealed by the Ducal government office of Braunschweig Luneburg, W. Bode.  Introductory pages remind the bearer of proper conduct.  It records his travels through several cities, beginning 21 June 1844 until 14 July 1847.
There is also a handwritten note: "My little Heinrich was born on 3rd of September 1954 at 5;30 o'clock in the evening.  On the 6th of August 1856 little Wilhelm was born, and died on the 7th of October, aged 8 weeks and 6 days.

From Celia Crawford:
Land Records, volume 3, Des Moines County, Burlington, Iowa
Date of Fling: 25 July 1853. Grantor (seller): Wunnenberg, Henry. Grantee (buyer): Matthias Miller and wife. Record vol. 18, page 56. Date of Instrument: 23 July 1853. Character of instrument: Deed. Description of property: SW 1/4 NE 1/4 of Sec.22, Town 71, Range 2.
Date of filing: 22 Aug 1854. Grantor (seller): Wunnenberg, H. and wife, Grantee (Buyer): Dietrich Lupchen. Record vol. 19, page 67 Date of Instrument: 22 August 1854. Character of instrument: Deed. Description of property: SW 1/4 NE 1/4 of Sec.22, Town 71, Range 2.
Date of filing: 11 Jan 1856. Grantor (seller) Wennenberg, Henry. Grantee (buyer): Jacob Rexroat and wife. Record vol. 20, page 323. Date of Instrument: 6 March 1855. Character of instrument: Deed. Description of property: part SW 1/4 of Sec.22, Town 71, Range 2.
Date of filing: 12 Feb 1864. Grantee (seller) Wunnenberg, Henry. Grantee (buyer): Gottlieb Griemen. Record vol. 72, page 75. Date of instrument: 22 July 1863, Character of instrument: Deed. Description of property: pt. NE 1/4 SW 1/4 of Sec. 18, Town 71, Range 2.

There is an entry for H. Wunnenberg in "The History of Des Moines County. Chicago, Western Historical Company, 1879, page 715. Wunnenberg, H. farmer, Sec.18; P.O. Sperry; was born in Calvorde Germany, in 1821; came to Des Moines Co. in 1853, and since been engaged in farming. Married Emilie Rehfeld in 1853,; she was born in Lenzarsigle, Germany, in 1833; they have nine children - Harry, born in 1854; Herman in 1858; Otto in 1860; Fred in 1862; Mary in 1864; Alvenia in 1867; August in 1869; Emma in 1872; Clara in 1876. Mr. Wunnenberg owns 145 acres of land, valued at $6,000. Mr. and Mrs. W. are members of the Lutheran Church; Democrat.

Information on Heinrich is also included in the two page entry for his sons Henry Wunnenberg in Biographical review of Des Moines County, Iowa. Chicago, Hobart Publishing Co., 1905, pages 753-754.

And in Time to Remember: Benton Township Rural by Dan Dustman, page 79.