Born in Iowa from German immigrant parents Fred Wunnenberg and Anna Reimann married in 1891. They lived in Des Moines County, Iowa, raising nine children there. In the 1900 US census, they rented farmland, but by 1910 they owned their farm free of mortgage.  By 1930 Fred was a retired farmer.

They had nine children; Roy died as a child and Herbert was killed in World War I. The remaining seven married and five of those made their homes in Des Moines County as well.  


A word about the research

The research into the Wunnenberg family history is based on love of family that has been handed down through the generations.  We started with a few family stories that gave hints and clues to dates and places.  A few trips to Iowa allowed us to gain photographs of the old Wunnenberg farm house. Visits to cemeteries gave us names, dates, and sometime relationships to work into the family tree. Those trips also gave us an appreciation of the richness of the farmland there.

Photographs came from family members willing to share copies.  Most have come from our mother, handed down from her mother.

The Wisconsin Historical Society Library in Madison, Wisconsin was the source of the local histories published in the late 1800s that included biographies of both Henry and Otto Wunnenberg which also included background information on their parents.  It also provided access to US federal census records and to several volumes of records of Des Moines County, Iowa marriages published by the Des Moines County Genealogy Society.


Special thanks to Celia Crawford for her invaluable work in preserving family details and artifacts. We thank her for her good work preserving the family history and tracing the family origins in Germany. 

Celia provided the birth record for Heinrich that gave us the names of his parents.  She also proved a copy of Heinrich’s journeyman’s book that gives us a unique glimpse into his early life. Also the family stories written by his granddaughter, the young Edith Edmonds, that reveals so much detail of the family’s early days in Iowa.

Celia is related through descendants of Alvina Wunnenberg.