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1820 US census.
Name: Henry Shaeffer
Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Heidelberg, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 15: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44: 1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 45 and over : 1
Number of Persons - Engaged in Manufactures: 1
Free White Persons - Under 16: 2
Free White Persons - Over 25: 2
Total Free White Persons: 5
Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 5

* * * *
1830 US census
Name: Henry Shaeffer
[Henry Sarffer]
Home in 1830 (City, County, State): Bethel, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 2
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29: 1
Free White Persons - Under 20: 4
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 6
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 6

1850 census
Name: Margare Schaeffer
Gender: Female
Age: 85
Birth Year: abt 1765
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1850: Schaefferstown, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: Laborer
Industry: Industry not reported
Line Number: 30
Dwelling Number: 270
Family Number: 292
Household Members:
Name Age
Margare Schaeffer 85
Elizabeth Schaeffer 53
Samuel Schaeffer 26
Catharine Schaeffer 19

1860 US census
Name: Elizabeth Shaeffer
Age: 67
Birth Year: abt 1793
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Lebanon, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Post Office: Lebanon
Dwelling Number: 556
Family Number: 621
Real Estate Value: 1500
Personal Estate Value: 50
Cannot Read, Write: Y
Household Members:
Name Age
Elizabeth Shaeffer 67
Emmaline Shaeffer 14 
Moyer, Elizabeth (I87)
1820 US census.
Name: Henry Shaeffer
Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Heidelberg, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 15: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44: 1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 45 and over : 1
Number of Persons - Engaged in Manufactures: 1
Free White Persons - Under 16: 2
Free White Persons - Over 25: 2
Total Free White Persons: 5
Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 5

* * * *
1830 US census
Name: Henry Shaeffer
[Henry Sarffer]
Home in 1830 (City, County, State): Bethel, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 2
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29: 1
Free White Persons - Under 20: 4
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 6
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 6 
Schaeffer, Henry (I2838)
Captain Johann Heinrich "Henry" (5 Jun 1749-12 Oct 1803) He was married twice, first to Anna Eva Schweitzer on 9 Mar 1773 and they had 6 children. She died at 36. He then married Margaret Hoffman 1790-1792 and they had 3 more children. 
Schaeffer, Johann Heinrich Henry (I1185)
Father: ? born in Ireland
Mother: ?
Brother: John McGee b. 23 Aug 1830 in PA d. 25 May 1874 in Hayesville Ashland Co. OH 
McGee, Jeremiah R. (I90)
Home in 1860 - Hayesville, Ashland, Ohio
Home in 1870 - Etna Green, Kosciusko County, Indiana
Home in 1880 - Erna Green, Kosciusko County, Indiana

1860 US census
Jeremiah R McGee 35
Catherine McGee 28
Orlando McGee 3

1870 US census
Name: Jeremiah Mcgee
Age in 1870: 49
Birth Year: abt 1821
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Dwelling Number: 70
Home in 1870: Etna Green, Kosciusko, Indiana
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Etna Green
Occupation: Dailey Labor
Male Citizen over 21: Y
Personal Estate Value: 100
Real Estate Value: 300
Inferred Spouse: Catharine Mcgee
Inferred Children: Orlando Mcgee
Ira Mcgee
Household Members:
Name Age
Jeremiah Mcgee 49
Catharine Mcgee 39
Orlando Mcgee 13 [born in PA]
Ira Mcgee 9 [born in OH]

* * * * *
1880 US census
Name: Jeramiah R. Mcgee
Age: 57
Birth Date: Abt 1823
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1880: Etna Green, Kosciusko, Indiana, USA
Dwelling Number: 180
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Catharine Mcgee
Father's Birthplace: Ireland
Occupation: Butcher
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Jeramiah R. Mcgee 57
Catharine Mcgee 49 
Schaeffer, Catharine (I89)

NOTES: ALEXANDER SCHAEFFER - 1712 to 1786 by Louise Wheeler Horman

Alexander SCHAEFFER was born in Schriesheim Germany January 8, 1712 died April 12, 1786. He married to Anna E. Engel in Germany and had two or three children before coming to America 1738 on the Robert and Alice.

Alexander's Father was Hans Henrich SCHEAFFER the son of Hans Scheaffer of Martin in Alsace and his mother was Anna Margaret, Her father was Hans Michael Mayer of Hohensschsen.

His first home was on South Mountain where the land was not very productive. Later they moved a few miles south to a more productive area. He founded a town which he named; - Heidlebergtown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He built the "The King George" Hotel (now named "The Franklin House"), and built the town's Water Works from a strong spring; that is still in operation. He had four land warrants with a total of 700 acres.

Heidleburgtown was renamed to Schaefferstown in 1820. He had donated land for a church and a burial ground where he is now buried. He did well for a man that could not write. He died a very wealthy man. About 1860 he invested in 700 acres of more land near Campbelltown with his future son-in-law Christopher Moyer.

After Alexander's first wife died in 1772 he married the widow UNGER; Catherine MOYER born 1721 in Germany, she was Christopher's oldest sister. He had no children by his second marriage.

Alexander is buried in the German Reform Church at Schaeffer, PA. The local Lion's Club has erected a new grave marker in his honor.

Alexander had six children by his first wife:
(1) Margaret maried John Bright the son of Johnanes Michael Bright of Schriessheim.
(2) John married Barbara Miller.
(3) Sabina Scheaffer that married Michael Haak.
(4) Anna Marie married Christopher Moyer.
(5) Catharine that married John Henry Moyer.
(6) Henry married (1)Anna Eve Switzer and (2) Margaret Lockner. Henry was a Captian in the American Revolutionary War 1775. He was appointed justice of the peace and later a associate Judge in Dalphin county.

Alexander, son of Hans Henry and Anna Margaretha (Mayer) Schaeffer, immigrated to Philadelphia from Baden, Germany, in 1738. By the time of his death in 1786 he had laid out the town he named Heidelberg (now Schaefferstown), in Lancaster Co., PA, built the King George Hotel (the present day Franklin House), and created the first gravitational water conveyance system by underground pipes in all the British colonies. In about 1738 he married Anna Engel and together they had six children. He was of the German Reformed faith and was a guiding force in establishing that church in Heidelberg.

Family links:
Anna E. Engel Schaeffer (1708 - 1772)*

Sabina Schaeffer Haak (1742 - 1811)*
Anna Maria Schaeffer Meyer (1744 - 1823)*
Johannes Henrich (Henry) Schaeffer (1749 - 1803)*

Schaefferstown Cemetery, Schaefferstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, United States

Schaeffer and his wife, Anna, purchased the land surrounding Schaefferstown (formerly Heidelberg), laid out the town and sold lots to the squatters who already had homes. On July 16, 1763, he sold the land and spring (now Fountain Park) along with the pipes and troughs of the gravity water system to representatives of the people of Market Street. This act created the water company which later became the first chartered water works in the United States. (This information was taken from a plaque on a Marker in the cemetery at Schaefferstown, PA.)

Project Focus: The Alexander Schaeffer House: Schaefferstown, PA (1996-1999) Historic Structures Report, National Historic Landmark Nomination

The Alexander Schaeffer House is a nationally significant property for its association with Alexander and Henry Schaeffer, the builders and founders of an important inland eighteenth century trading center and one of the only surviving Baroque-planned Germanic towns in America, and as a rare example of the culturally-distinct German building typology. With a period of significance spanning from 1758 when Alexander Schaeffer built the first section of the house to 1842 when Henry Schaeffer’s sons sold the property, the Schaeffer House is significant in the areas of Architecture and Community Planning and Development.

Alexander Schaeffer founded Schaefferstown in 1758 while living at the Schaeffer House. Developed using academic European planning principles, Schaefferstown became an important crossroads community in Colonial America, and still survives with exceptional degree of architectural and historic integrity. Additionally, this house is an excellently-preserved example of early Germanic architecture in Colonial America, and still embodies the personality and culture of late medieval Germany.

As a building type, the Schaeffer House can be classified as a bank house with the traditional characteristics that include: a gable end built into the bank so one end of the house has one story above ground, while the other end has two, and cooking relegated to the lower floors. However, it is slightly different than most bank houses in that it follows the more traditional form of the Germanic prototypes, with the main floor organized around a central, rather than gable end, fireplace. This building stands as a rare example of the role of European cultural traditions in settling the colonies and contributes substantially to the understanding of the early American architectural tradition.

Working in conjunction with Historic Schaefferstown, Inc., Noble Preservation has completed a National Historic Landmark Nomination that is currently under review by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Work completed to date includes a full set of measured drawings, HABS-quality photographic documentation and historical research which will help guide restoration and preservation efforts at the property.

This is a compilation of the early generations of the Alexander Schaeffer Family. Alexander Schaeffer immigrated in 1738 from Schriesheim and settled in Heidelberg Township (then in Lancaster County). He later relocated slightly and founded the town of Heidelberg, named after the well-known German city his hometown was nearby. After his death, the town assumed the name Schaefferstown. It is currently in Lebanon County, PA.

Except where otherwise noted, this genealogy taken from bre2, beginning on page 216:
One comment - Abraham Brendle, the author of bre2, admitted to modernizing names in his book - I would expect that all of the people listed here would have gone by pure German names in their time.

At least his parents and grandparents are known and published on - see wei2, page v and hsr1 for an outline.

Alexander Schaeffer had 8 known siblings, and 2 of them were also immigrants to America.

One, Anna Maria Schaeffer, b 1707 Feb 9, married Hieronymus Troutman and also settled in Heidelberg Township, Lancaster County. Another of Alexaner's sisers, Anna Barbara, is also documented as emigrating to America, but whom she married was unknown (wei2 page v).

Alexander Schaeffer
b 1712 Jan 8 (fm tombstone)
d 1786 Apr 10 (fm tombstone)
bd Schaefferstown Reformed Cemetery
imm: 1738 from Schriesheim, Germay
There is a sketch of him in bre2 around page 75.
m Anna Engel ?
b 1708 (fm tombstone)
d 1772 Nov 22 (fm tombstone)
bd Schaefferstown Reformed Cemetery
There seems some confusion as to whether the Engel was a middle name or her maiden name.

Weiser, in wei2, page v, comments that her maiden name is unknown. This is substantiated in that in 1761 the Schaeffers sponsored a child, Anna Engel, to Christian Bernhard & wife.

known children:
1 John
2 Sabina - m Michael Haak
3 Anna Maria - m Christopher Moyer
4 Catharine - m John Moyer of Millbach
5 Margaret - m John Brecht
6 Henry - b 1749 Jun 5

m(2) Catharine Unger
no known issue

Sponsorings for others:
Heidelberg Lutheran KB:
1776 for child of Peter & Salome Ream (Sch. Luth.) (bre2 p94)
Heidelberg Reformed KB:
1760 for Henry of John Brecht & wife (bre2 p147)
1761 for Alexander to John Schaub & wife (bre2 p147)
1761 for Anna Engel to Christian Bernhard & wife (bre2 p147)
1764 for child of John Schaeffer & wife (bre2 p147)
1766 for Alexander to Casper Schweitzer & wife (bre2 p148)
1766 for Maria Catharine to Christopher Meyer & wife (bre2 p148)
1774 for Catharine to Henry & Anna Eva Schaeffer (bre2 p149)
1782 for John to Henry & Anna Eva Schaffer (bre2 p149)

John Schaeffer
b 1729 - notes: moved to Maryland in 1772
Sponsorings alone:
1759 w/Anna Maria Nef for John to John Schaub & wife (wri2 p48)

m Barbara Miller
known children:
1 John - b 1764 May 9; m(1) Elizabeth Hess; m(2) Angelica Troutman; m(3) Catharine Miller
2 John Henry - b 1766 Jan 12; m Rosina Hess
3 Maria Elizabeth - m Ludwig Young
4 Eva Catharine - b 1779 Oct 21 at <4 (hum6); m John Rentch
5 John Leonard - m Mary Schroeder
6 John George - m Catharine Locher
7 Anna Mary

Sponsorings for others:
1763 for Anna Barbara to Casper Schweitzer & wife (writ2 p48)
<4 = ? (hum6)

Sabina Schaeffer
m Michael Haak
known children:
1 Michael - b 1764 Apr 29
2 Maria Catharine - b 1766 Mar 13 (wri2 p47)
2 John Jacob - b 1769 Nov at <3 (hum6)
3 Anna Maria - b 1771 Jun 9 at <3 (hum6)
4 Henry - b 1772 Nov 21 at <3 (hum6)

1764 by Jacob Witmer & wife (bre2)
1766 by Maria Catharine Schaeffer (wri2 p47)
1771 by Alexander Schaeffer & Angelina (wri2 p91)
1772 by Henry Schaeffer (wri2 p91)

Sponsorings for others:
1762 for John & wife (sister Margaret Schaeffer) Brecht
1770 for Michael to John & Barbara Ruth at <3 (wri2 p90)
1773 for Catharine to Rudolph & Catharine Kunsle at <3 (wri2 p92)
1785 for John Michael to Arnold Hebelmann & Eva Susanna (wri2 p97)
1798 for John Michael to Philip & Anna Maria Fishback (wri2 p109)
Trinity Tulpehocken Ref in Jackson Township (hum6)

Anna Maria Schaeffer
m Christopher Meyer
known children:
1 Maria Catharine - b 1766 Feb 2

1766 by Alexander Schaeffer & wife (wri2 p47)

Catharine Schaeffer
m 1764 Nov 11
John Meyer
known children:
1 Henry
2 John -
3 Michael
4 Catharine
5 Barbara

Sponsorings for others:
1764 John Meyer & Catharine Schaeffer (as yet unmarried) for John to John & Margaret Brecht
1788 for Anna Eva to Henry Schafer & Anna Eva (wri2 p54)
Note: John George - b 1783 Sep 7 to John Mayer & Catharine, sp by John Mayer, Sr.
and Anna Barbara at Heidelberg (wri2) - is this them?
John Mayer, Jr. & Catharine - sp 1773 John to John Mohr, Jr. & Elizabeth
at Millbach Ref (wri2 p174)

Margaret Schaeffer
m John Brecht
known children:
1 Henry - b 1760 Nov 24
2 Michael - b 1762 Sep 10
3 John - b 1764 Nov 11

1762 by Michael & wf (sister Sabina Schaeffer) Haak
1764 by John Meyer & Catharine Schaeffer (sister)

Captain Henry Schaeffer
b 1749 Jun 5 (fm tombstone)
d 1803 Oct 12 (fm tombstone)
bd Schaefferstown Reformed Cemetery
Brendle has a sketch of him in bre2 at page 75.
occ: Justice of the Peace built & ran a tile factory in Schaefferstown
mil: Captain, served in the Revolutionary War.

m(1) Anna Eva Schweitzer
b 1753 Apr 27 (fm tombstone)
d 1790 Jan 2 (fm tombstone)
bd Schaefferstown Reformed
She is the daughter of Heinrich Schweitzer of Leacock Township, Lancaster
County. Some researchers have placed her as the granddaughter of Casper
Schweitzer, M.D., but comparing dates indicates this would be very unlikely (JHB).
For her family, see Heinrich Schweitzer of Leacock township known children:
1 Catharine - b 1774 Nov 27; m John Bomberger
2 Elizabeth - b 1776 Oct 29; m Abraham Rex
3 Anna Maria - b 1779 Jul 9;m Frederick Oberlin
4 Johannes - b 1782 Jun 15; m Esther Weiss
5 Susanna - b 1785 Oct 2; m Dietrich Goshert
6 Anna Eva - b 1787 Oct 5; d 1790 Apr 21

1784 for John Henry to Henry & Angelica Mayer
1787 by John & Catharine Meyer (sister of Henry)

m(2) Margaret Hoffman
b 1764 Dec 11 (fm tombstone)
d 1851 Apr 30 (fm tombstone)
bd Schaefferstown Reformed Cemetery
1 known child:
7 Henry - b m Elizabeth Moyer

Brendle; A Brief History Of Schaefferstown; 1901
author; "Family History Of Alexander Schaeffer"; from Historic Schaefferstown
Record, 1973, p17-21
Humphrey; Pennsylvania Births, Lebanon County, 1714-1800
Weiser; Purchases At The King George Hotel, Schaefferstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, 1762-1773; 
Schaeffer, Alexander (I1663)
Achenbach, George A. (I2286)
Page 22.
JOHN MEYER (son of the Meyer from Germany) owned the old homestead at the Mühlbach, and is said to have been the oldest son, but his sister (or sisters) may have been older. The probability is that he was born in Germany, and was the child (or one of the two) brought by the parents from the old country. Yet there is nothing certain about this. Letters of administration were granted to his "oldest son John" to settle up the estate, Dec. 22, 1786, and it is likely that he, the subject of this sketch, died but a short time previous. On a tombstone in the Mühlbach cemetery is this record: "Johannes Mover, Died Dec. 11, 1786; aged 67 years." This record and the letters of administration granted eleven days later no doubt have reference to the same person. His wife's Christian name also is mentioned in the papers just alluded to, and was Anna Barbara. The names of his children are found on an old deed.1 dated Dec. 3. 1788 found among the papers of the Mühlbach homestead. The younger brother Henry and the sisters sold their interest in their father's farm to their older brother John. This list must include all the children that had grown to maturity and were still living. If any had died before the sale of the farm the fact - is not known. John's descendants can give but little information about him. George, of Dauphin, and Michael, from near Mühlbach, grandsons, and among the very last of that generation yet living, simply know that his name was John (Hans), that he owned the old Mühlbach homestead, and that he was in some way related to Christopher Meyer of Campbellstown, Lebanon County. From these meager facts, from information given by Mrs. Nancy Kryder, who was raised at her grandfather Christopher's place, at Campbellstown, Pa., from traditions remembered by Henry and John Meyer, Rebersburg, Pa., and from items discovered in old documents, I have been able to form a chain of evidence which leaves no doubt in my mind as to his location in the Mejer family. After the lapse of a few more years this fact could not have been established.
It is related that John, or "Hans," as he was more familiarly known by his relatives, was an excellent violinist. When visiting his friends it was not long until he would have handed him the violin, an almost indispensable piece of furniture in the Meyer homes of that period, and, after excusing himself a while, exhibiting his crooked, bony fingers and asking how they - could expect one to play with such hands, he would tune the instrument and perform with wonderful ability. From time immemorial the Meyers have been noted singers, and nearly all the older stock could play the violin. They made their own instruments, and were, therefore, not very expensive. It was about the only musical instrument then in existence among the pioneer settlers, and, however rude in construction, it would answer the purpose of rasping sundry tunes for dancing!
John had five children as far as we know (see deed page 22), two sons and three daughters. About the latter no information was received. The descendants of John (the subject of this sketch) are nearly all residing in Dauphin and Lebanon Counties; quite a number near Mühlbach. 
Mayer, Johannes (I1111)
Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906-1963 for Jerome A Meyer:
Name: Jerome A Meyer
Gender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Age: 80
Birth Date: 18 Feb 1849
Birth Place: Rebersburg, Pennsylvania
Death Date: 25 Feb 1929
Death Place: Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania, USA
Father Name: Reuben Meyer
Father Birth Place: Rebersburg, Pennsylvania
Certificate Number: 24219 
Meyer, Jerome Adam (I451)
Private Uriah Kreider, ID 296407, Pennsylvania, Regiment 127 Company E. Mustered in 13 Aug 1862, mustered out with company 29 May 1863. Wounded at Fredericksburg, VA on 13 Dec 1862. 
Kreider, Uriah (I1991)
11 Orlando J. McGee
Washington select death certificates
Name: Orlando J. Mcgee
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Age: 68
Estimated birth year: abt 1858
Death Date: 18 Mar 1926
Death Place: Seattle, King, Washington
Father: Jeremiah Mcgee
Mother: Catherine Schafer
Spouse: Mary J. Mcgee
FHL Film Number: 2022317
Reference ID: 828 
McGee, Orlando (I2797)

ABBR Bob Moody
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ABBR Brian Collies
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ABBR Colleen Kennedy Gormley
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ABBR Brush Valley names: The matricul, or birth and baptism register, Brush Valley Union Church, Rebersburg, PA, 1792-1855
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ABBR Cemeteries of Miles Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania
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Source Source: S9 (S9)

ABBR Marriages, 1851-1873, Centre County, Pennsylvania
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ABBR Marriages, 1874-1885, Centre County, Pennsylvania
Source Source: S33 (S33)
47 "Johannes" on findagrave
"David" in History of the Kreider Family from the Pen of the Rev. J.G. Francis 
Smith, David or Johannes (I2612)
48 "John George was a son of Adam George. His wife was a Miss Salome Rishell and her people lived, . . . in the vicinity
of Salona in Nittany Valley. . . . [John] Yearick was in many ways a remarkable man. He was physically tall and well built. . . . ."

". . . [John]had little means and had shouldered a large debt by the purchase of the farm. He could not hire mechanics to construct the barn, which was the first building needed and to be erected there on. He therefore himself planned the kind of a barn that he wanted. When it was completed, it contained three threshing floors, three large mows, and in addition three overhead mows, . . . When the plan was completed, the lumber was cut on the farm according to lengths required and taken to the sawmill and converted into various forms of lumber necessary for building purposes. When the lumber was seasoned and ready, he undoubtedly had the assistance of a few carpenters.
Every piece of timber that went into the structure was fashioned according to the place it was to occupy in the building, as to length, width, thickness, and mortice or countermortice, so that when the "raising day" came there was but one piece of timber in which there was a mistake
made. . . . as the first bank-barn in that part of the country, it was the wonder of all people. It was not long until in all directions such barns were desired, and Grandfather Yearick was called to build them."

(History of the Georg-Yearick Family in America, Zwingli A. Yearick, 1936, pg. 34, 23-24) 
Yearick, John George (I3048)
49 "Joseph was also a musician, and acquired considerable skill as an organist in his mature years without the aid of an instructor. He died suddenly while playing the large pipe organ which was being dedicated Oct. 10, 1868. in the German Reformed Church at Boalsburg. "
From the Genealogy of the Meyer Family by Henry Meyer, 1890.

Joseph, (Henry, Christopher, Gr. Meyer), was born
June 12, 1818; and was married to Beckie, daughter of
George Corman, Brushvalley, Centre Co., Pa. He lived on a
farm near Boalsburg. Joseph was also a musician, and
acquired considerable skill as an organist in his mature years
without the aid of an instructor. He died suddenly while
playing the large pipe organ which was being dedicated Oct.
10, 1868, in the German Reformed Church at Boalsburg.
He left no issue. His widow is married to David Sparr,
Meyer, Joseph (I490)
50 "Lillian Anna" Yearick, Lydia Anna (I2038)

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